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Unusual jobs available in Oregon on Apply to Bus Driver, Operator, Medical Technician and more! Unique, Cool and Odd Jobs · Find A Unique Job And Do Something Out Of The Ordinary · Teach Surfing · Elephant Trainer Jobs · Tattoo Artist · Bicycle Mechanic. But these are 'dream jobs'. They're not a realistic goal for most adults. However, there are some lucky sods out there that hold these. Unusual jobs available on Apply to Security Officer, Cart Attendant, Nurse's Aide and more! 15 Super Weird Jobs with Salaries That Are Just as Unusual · Elevator inspector. These inspectors make sure your elevator delivers you seamlessly, but their job.

So we all know how scary it is when the office gets dangerously close to running out of coffee But this is a risk far soberer than some of the jobs. What's the most unusual job you have ever held? Peanut inspector? Horse wrangler? How about a backup dancer for a female impersonator? In its annual survey. The 10 Weirdest Jobs in the World · 10) Professional sleeper: · 9) Drying paint watcher: · 8) Full-time Netflix viewer: · 7) Train Pusher: · 6) Professional Mourner. 3 of 8 Ferrets Working Underground. When it comes to underground wiring, ferrets can be an electrician's right-hand animal. These industrious and energetic. 63, Unusual Jobs ; What cities are hiring for Unusual jobs? Cities with the most Unusual job openings: Phoenix ; What are the most commonly searched types of. 9 really unusual jobs · Netflix Tagger · Food Stylist · Chocolate Taster · Professional Bridesmaid · Seat Filler · Waterslide Tester · Cool Hunter · Professional Queuer. 5 Most unusual jobs in the world · The water slide tester · The reindeer herder · The statue dresser · The professional cuddler · The zombie trainer. Stevie. No one can say that America isn't the home of the free, the brave, and the quirky, who will do almost anything to make an honest buck. Profiles 65 of the most. Eight unusual jobs that pay well · Pet psychologist · Tea taster · Golf ball diver · Ethical hacker · Food stylist · Teddy bear doctor · Sommelier · Beekeeper. Top Types Of Unusual Jobs · Odor Tester. Salary range: $78,$, per year · Ghost Writer. Salary range: $52,$57, per year · Cool Unusual. Salary. #1. Weirdest Job Titles in IT · Technical Evangelist, a person responsible for hyping up specific technologies and/or brands · Scrum Master, Scrum development.

11 Weirdest Jobs In Australia: Discover The Most Unusual Careers · 1. Senior Submarine Chef. · 2. Crop Duster Pilot. · 3. Shark Tagger. · 4. Koala Catcher. · 5. 10 unique jobs to explore · 1. Colour specialist · 2. Bereavement coordinator · 3. Acupuncturist · 4. Podiatrist · 5. Dog food taster · 6. Professional sleeper. PET FOOD TESTER · They taste the pet food to evaluate flavours and check its quality · PROFESSIONAL SLEEPER(dream job) · Get paid for sleeping. From professional cuddling to pet psychology, some people do the most unusual things to earn a living. If the thought of working in an office bores you. List of Unusual Careers · Crime Scene Cleaner · Casino Gaming Dealer · Tattoo Body Artist · Horse Racing Jockey · Beekeeper Farming Job · Doula Maternity Caregiver. Worlds most. unusual jobs. Really weird. Amazing. Unbelievable. Use the worksheet to. fill in your answers. You will see some images pop up. Try to guess what. Unusual Job 1: Professional Sleeper · Unusual Job 2: Drying Paint Watcher · Unusual Job 3: Golf Ball Diver · Unusual Job 4: Professional Bridesmaid. 11 Weirdest Jobs In Australia: Discover The Most Unusual Careers · 1. Senior Submarine Chef. · 2. Crop Duster Pilot. · 3. Shark Tagger. · 4. Koala Catcher. · 5. The 13 Most Unusual Jobs · 1. Armpit Sniffer · 2. Stunt Tester · 3. Worm Picker · 4. Body Part Model · 5. Snake Milker · 6. Water Slide Tester · 7. Line Stander.

Working with children and their needs is just the most obvious. Teachers also present information in a clear and logical way (i.e. teach), schedule activities. Looking for some more excitement in your career? Check out our top 10 bizarre jobs, and find out how much you can be paid to do something strange. Bed prover. They pay them to wave flags to make the birds fly away. We choose this unusual job because its really interesting and companies pay you to sleep all. Unusual Jobs (Space 8) [Saddleback Educational, Inc However, some people have unusual careers that provide unique #5,, in Books (See Top in Books). Despite the myth that every job is needed, some of the unusual jobs sound senseless. Such positions usually make even waiters and cleaners feel proud for.

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