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As a rack jobber, she selects CDs and DVDs to display and sell in a section of someone else's store. What is the pronunciation of rack jobber? Browse. Jobber helps you quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—all in one place. Email. Try Jobber—It's Free! jobber · a wholesale merchant, especially one selling to retailers. · a pieceworker. A jobber is a person or company that buys goods directly from manufacturers and sells them to retailers and businesses, rather than directly to consumers. For. Define jobber. jobber synonyms, jobber pronunciation, jobber translation, English dictionary definition of jobber. n. 1. One that buys merchandise from.

The 'jobber' player shows up just to make his/her money and thats it. They share no risk or responsibility. What'a more, they have a personal schedule that they. In the early days of commerce, jobbers were merchants who traveled between cities or regions, buying and selling goods as they went. Today, jobbers still exist. It justs means how someone is used within the story. Kaneda is one of the weaker fighters, but his fight wasn't about him losing to make Gaolang. jobber, as it implies they are a failure in their career. The term has entered into popular culture, to mean a loser or someone who is worthless, as. Jobber Price pertains to the cost at which goods are supplied by a middleman or jobber to retailers. Acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and. noun One who does anything by the job; one who does small jobs or chance work. jobber, i stedet for industri-produksjon jobber jobber. seen jobber on the. * A professional wrestler who frequently and deliberately loses matches. * The act of losing is called jobbing and a frequent loser is referred to as a jobber. Definition of jobber middleman in the sale of goods; one who buys from a wholesaler and sells to a retailer. A jobber, who actually purchases goods himself. People who were employed by industrialists mainly to recruit the right people among the job seekers were known as jobbers. Their roles were: Get people from.

Executing trades. One of the primary responsibilities of a jobber is to execute trades on behalf of clients. They are responsible for buying or selling. a person or company that buys large quantities of goods to sell to other companies or directly to the public: The wholesale jobber's company supplies. "Jobber" is a slang term for a market maker on the London Stock Exchange prior to the mids. Jobbers, also called "stockjobbers," acted as market makers. (ii) As the recruitment in factories increased, jobbers started demanding money and gifts for their favours and controlling the lives of workers. Was this. Jobber is a pejorative term for someone who constantly loses a match in order to get another wrestler over or make them look good. someone who sells goods to retail merchants for resale; wholesaler. definition 2: someone who is hired for small jobs or for piecework. related. (archaic) One who works by the job (i.e. paid per individual piece of work) and/or recruits other people for such work. · (theater) An actor temporarily employed. Jobber, in merchandising, can be synonymous with "wholesaler", "distributor", or "intermediary". A business which buys goods and bulk products from. It eventually devolved into just meaning "loser" which is much funnier to call others anyway. Handy list of Budokai Tenkaichi 3 jobbers: General Blue (The.

noun · a wholesale merchant, especially one selling to retailers. · a pieceworker. · jabroni (def 2). · (formerly) a merchant who deals in odd lots or job lots. jobber {noun} · finance · "wholesaler", American English · "stockjobber". What does the noun odd-jobber mean? There is one meaning in OED's entry for the noun odd-jobber. See 'Meaning & use' for definition, usage, and quotation. Meaning of jobber in English. jobber. noun [ C ] COMMERCE uk / ˈdʒɒbə r/ us (also stock jobber) Add to word list. a person or company that buys large.

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